Lease Law

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, our team of lawyers is able to assist you with all legal aspects related to property leasing.


Whether you need to draft leases, resolve landlord-tenant disputes or negotiate lease renewals and other contingencies, we are here to provide you with expert assistance.

Our main services include:

Will Management

We take care of the legalization, translation and apostille of wills granted outside of Spain, at the same time that we provide advice on the preparation of wills within the country.

Obtaining Certificates (death, last wills, etc.)

We facilitate obtaining death certificates and the certificate of last wills, essential to determine if the deceased left a will and before which notary. Obtaining a copy of this document is essential to carry out any succession process.

Inheritance Adjudication Process

We ensure efficient management of the deceased's estate, ensuring the comfort of all those involved. We take charge of the testamentary aspects and, when appropriate, the management of tax aspects related to non-resident inheritances.

Donation Matters

We are responsible for planning and submitting the necessary tax procedures for donations (acts of free will between living people). In addition, we define the conditions that govern such donations.