At Duquesa Lawyers, we have an experienced litigation team to represent you in legal disputes and court proceedings, whether they are civil, commercial or labour disputes, our lawyers will fight for your rights and work diligently to obtain the best possible results.

Our global services:



We are in charge of preparing documents that grant or revoke powers of representation in Spanish and English. Whether it is a general or specific power of attorney, you can grant or withdraw authority to a natural or legal person to act as your representative in legal matters.

Contract drafting

We provide a comprehensive and professional service to advise you on creating a variety of contracts. Our main focus is to study and then draft contracts accurately and effectively.

Issuance of general legal opinions

After an exhaustive analysis of the factual and legal aspects, we prepare legal opinions. These opinions determine the best business decision considering risks and opportunities, evaluate the feasibility of pursuing legal remedies, and give you a solid understanding of your legal prospects. This allows you to maintain a legal position aligned with your interests or understand the likelihood of success in your legal objectives.